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Beach Cleaning Hub

We run organised beach cleans at regular intervals throughout the year to clear plastic and other rubbish from our island's beaches. We provide all the equipment you need to ensure you are kept safe during the cleaning process. We have found this not only helps keep our beaches clean, but offers a sense of personal wellbeing through offering a service to the local community, meeting new people and enjoying being outdoors. Check out the information below about our beach cleans, and visit this page about our 'Isle Clean The Beach!' project to learn more about plastic pollution in our oceans.

Want to join us for a beach clean? Check our upcoming beach cleans & RSVP today!


Beach cleaning is a great way to get some fresh air, do some exercise, and see your local coast all while doing something to help keep it beautiful. 


Marine Conservation Society surveys

We run some of our beach cleans under the Marine Conservation Society. At these cleans we also survey the rubbish that we find. This provides important data which is used to lobby government and achieve policy changes.

Nurdle hunts

Sometimes we organise specific beach cleans for collecting nurdles. These are tiny plastic pellets that end up in our oceans; find out more about nurdles here

South & West Wight cleans

We often clean along the south and west coasts of the island which can be more difficult to access and are usually the beaches that accumulate large amounts of rubbish after strong tides and storms. 

We run a variety of beach cleans throughout the year. Here is some information about our different beach cleans:

PHOTO-2023-03-28-18-21-11 - Copy.jpg

Here are some beaches we clean regularly:

iow 2_edited.png

Please do consider attending a beach clean that is already close to you rather than one that requires a lengthy car journey. Although many beaches can be hard to access without your own vehicle we encourage people to use public transport, to cycle or to walk – or just to car share – when getting to a beach clean or beach event wherever they can.


Know of a beach on the island that needs a big clean?

Would you like help organising & running a beach clean?

  • Please get in touch!

  • Also, have a look at our quick guide on organising a beach clean.

Want to beach clean in your free time?

  • How to stay safe while cleaning:

    • Don't touch anything that is sharp or dangerous (e.g. syringes)​

    • Wear gloves and/or wash your hands well afterwards 

    • Check the tide times to ensure you wont get stranded on any difficult to access beaches

    • Don't go too close to cliffs

  • What equipment to take:

    • Gloves 

    • A bag for collecting rubbish 

    • A litter picker 

    • Or, check out below to see places where equipment is provided!

  • Don't forget to post photos on our facebook group or tag us on social media!

Places where beach cleaning equipment is provided:

  • Ryde Library (George St, PO33 2JE)

    • Offers 10 litter pickers to borrow for free for 5 days


Are you a business looking for corporate volunteering opportunities?

Want to be the first to hear about our upcoming beach cleans?

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