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Corporate Volunteering

Join us for a day of environmental change-making! Our corporate beach cleans allow your organisation to do some team-building whilst also making a change to your local coast and global oceans.

Here are some reasons why you should let Planet Aware organise your corporate volunteering beach clean:

  • We target areas that face a lot of rubbish brought in by strong tides and storms, meaning your clean-up will make a real difference by moving a significant amount of rubbish off the beach.

  • We will provide a certificate and record of how you were involved in clearing up some of the Solent coastlines and how much you collected - great information to share with your organisation's supporters and shareholders.

  • We help you understand where the rubbish we collect comes from and what your organisation can do to help tackle marine rubbish.

  • We complete a full and thorough risk assessment using our knowledge of the local area to make your clean-up challenging and worthwhile yet safe. This enables us to carry out clean-ups in areas that are normally hard to access.

  • We will plan your corporate clean-up day taking into account tides and other factors, freeing you from organisational hassles.

  • We arrange for the rubbish to be removed by a licensed waste contractor and cover any associated costs.

  • Your group will be covered by our insurance and we provide a comprehensive safety briefing.

  • We provide your group with the tools needed for the clean-up including clean litter pickers and washed gloves where appropriate. This prevents you from having to purchase tools for a one-off beach cleaning activity and the resulting unnecessary resource use. 

  • We can arrange for additional services such as drone footage or photography of your event.

  • After your clean-up, we can arrange for your group to take refreshments at a local café or restaurant that serves locally sourced food.

  • Your corporate day out will help to fund Planet Aware's important work in the Solent area to help protect the oceans, clean up our coasts, and reduce unnecessary consumption.

To get an initial quote for your corporate event please fill out this form or email your queries and contact details to

Please note that our beach cleans will need to be planned around tides so some flexibility may be needed around timings.

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