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Volunteering is a great way to get outdoors and meet like-minded people while giving something back to your community. If you're passionate about our oceans like we are, join us in our efforts to clean the island's beaches and raise awareness about how our lives impact the ocean and how we can reduce our impact. 


Being a volunteer member of our community group is free! You'll be first to know about our upcoming beach cleans, events, and projects, plus you have the chance to come up with ideas for and even run your own project within our group (as long as it meets our aims)!

As a volunteer member you could:

  • Join our regular beach cleaning team.

  • Help out at events and talks.

  • Co-create a new project with us.

  • Support our work by sharing your skills (e.g. bid writing, social media, marine biology, teaching).

  • Become a committee member.

If you have any of the following skills/qualifications, we would love you on the team!

  • Waste and resource use

  • Marine Biology/Environment

  • Social Media

  • Education (primary and/or secondary)


Heres some more information about some of our volunteer roles. You can get involved with as little or as many different aspects of Planet Aware as you like!

Beach cleaner

Getting outside and active is a great way to maintain good mental and physical health. Volunteering as a beach cleaner in our organised group litter picks is a great way to connect with other people, do something positive and get some exercise and fresh air. Being by the sea has a measurably positive impact on mental health. We organise regular beach cleans around the Isle of Wight at a variety of different difficulties. Visit our Beach Cleaning Hub for more information.

Event volunteer

This is an opportunity to meet people, enthuse them about the oceans, talk to them about how to cut their consumption and invite them to play our beach clean game or get involved in other activities. These are one off opportunities lasting a few hours for a few days at a time and are usually over the summer. Working at events is a good way of building up some people skills and develop and use your skills and knowledge about the environment. You will have a chance to connect with people and help them make small but important changes in their lives! Check our events page to find out about events we are planning to attend this year. 

Project creator

If you have an idea for a project that supports our aims, such as encouraging people to reduce their plastic consumption or raising awareness about ocean issues, then do get in touch! We would love to find out what we can do to support you. Being part of a team to develop a great idea is rewarding and allows you to make your idea a reality and make a change. It is also a great thing to show a potential employer! Check out our current projects here.

How we support you as a volunteer

When you volunteer with Planet Aware you will have a named contact to support you in your role, answer any questions and help you with your volunteering. Volunteer activities are covered by our insurance and you will be given training and support so that you can volunteer safely. If you are working with the public or our children's events you will need a DBS check.

Depending on how long your volunteer with us and what sort of volunteering you do we can provide a reference for a future employer.

To become a volunteer member of our community group, fill out the sign up form below:

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