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There are many exciting events happening on the Isle of Wight, so we love to get involved by sharing our enthusiasm about our coast, raising awareness about ocean issues, and bringing the Isle of Wight community together to celebrate our ocean and learn how we can all reduce our impact together!


Here's a list of upcoming events we're involved in; come along and see us! If you are interested in helping out at any of these events, contact us or become a member

Your recycling matters: How to recycle better and what happens to our recycling. 

Location: Ventnor Baptist Church, Pier St. 

Date/Time: Friday 29th September, 6pm

Introduction by Planet Aware: "Resource use, Rubbish and the Ocean"

Spaces are limited so please register to attend by emailing us at:

Recycling Bins

Invite us to your event!

We love sharing the message about reducing waste and litter in order to care for our oceans. From our litter picking game to raising awareness or reduction, reuse and recycling, we share our messages in positive fun ways! 

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